Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Fans of the Mersey Mystery Series might be interested to know that the fifth book in the series, A VERY MERSEY MURDER has now been completed and is now in the editing and proofreading stages and Detective Inspector Andy Ross, Detective Sergeant Izzie Drake and Liverpool's Specialist Murder investigation Team will soon be making their latest appearance. Watch this space for further details...
1966, England win football’s World Cup at Wembley Stadium. That night, the body of a pretty young woman, raped and strangled to death, is discovered beside a lonely country lane near the abandoned lighthouse at Hale, near Liverpool. Her murder, along with two which follow it, remain unsolved.
2005, 39 years later, Detective Inspector Andy Ross and his team are called in when a disturbingly similar series of murders begins in the same location. If the current murderer follows the original killer’s timetable, Ross has just one week to solve the murders before a third victim, a police woman no less, completes his gruesome recreation of the original ‘Lighthouse Murders.'
A Very Mersey Murder sees D.I. Ross, Sergeant Izzie Drake and the team return once again, this time in a tense, at times fraught, race against time as they seek to identify and apprehend a vicious killer who seems to leave no clues and no evidence. The price of failure, is death.

Monday, 16 April 2018


Please take a look at my interview for Mystery Thriller Week 2018. Many thanks to Steve Bentley for hosting the interview.
You can see it clicking on the link Mystery Thriller Week Interview

Please have a read to learn more about me and my books, and maybe find out a few facts about me and my life you weren't aware of.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Great to see that Amazon are promoting another of my books, this time it's my bestselling A Mersey Killing, first book in my Mersey Mystery series. A Mersey Killing is still blazing a trail for the series, here in the UK, as well as in the USA and Australia, where it was a number 1 bestseller.
Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Fab! Gear! Sound!
7 March 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
To use the vernacular of 1960's Liverpool, this book by author Brian L. Porter was fab, gear and sound! I believe these days Scousers would also call it boss!
As a former detective who served on Merseyside in the 1960's I simply delighted in this novel. My enjoyment was heightened even more so owing to my long-ago teenage memories growing up in Huyton who used to "sag" off school to attend Cavern lunch time sessions at the height of the Mersey Beat days. This book has those days as a back drop to the tale of murder, intrigue, suspense and Porter deftly weaves his work bridging three decades in the telling of the tale.
The characters are real. The author clearly has Merseyside roots and accurately depicts the city of Liverpool, its folk, geography, the old docks and the terraced houses.
As a former detective, I found Detective Inspector Andy Ross and his sidekick "Izzie" to be entirely credible. I felt I knew them from my past. The way the cold case investigation unfolds is also a credit to the author and so realistic. He even includes a little internal police politics to add an authentic feel to the proceedings.Porter has a feel for real people. It comes through in all his characters particularly Connie, the God-fearing long-suffering wife of James, the bigoted Irishman. There are brief references to sectarianism in the "old days" in Liverpool but with respect to the author it is down played and contains, for example, no reference to the Orange Lodge parades, an annual event in the city often the source of flare-ups between Catholics and Protestants. Notwithstanding that, the author does a fine job of portraying an authentic "feel" to the times in the city.
Porter is a master at using dialogue to tell his story. He allows the characters to live, breathe and inform.
All in all I found this novel thoroughly enjoyable, easy to read and it has its element of surprises to keep the reader guessing.
A final word - you don't have to have Liverpool connections to enjoy this book. It stands alone as a very good piece of writing and is highly recommended reading.
Just off to order Book 2 in the 'Mersey Killing' series! Well done, Brian, and thanks for the good read.

Available in Kindle and paperback editions and also FREE on Kindle Unlimited.
See the full series at
A skeleton and a missing woman. A doomed romance. A mystery spanning two generations.
Liverpool, 1961. A group of young men come together seeking fame and fortune, as the fledgling sounds of the Swinging Sixties take root in the city. Soon, Liverpool becomes synonymous with the groups and music that shapes a generation.
Liverpool, 1999. Skeletal remains found in the docklands lead Detective Inspector Andy Ross and Sergeant Izzie Drake into a journey through time, as the investigation takes them back to early days of the Mersey Beat.
Whose bones laid beneath the mud of the River Mersey for over thirty years, and what links them to a young woman, missing for the entire time?
Winner - Preditors & Editors Best Book Award.
Over 100 five-star reviews in Amazon and Goodreads.


Of Aztecs and Conquistadors
Great to see that Amazon are promoting my international best selling romantic poetry collection, Of Aztecs and Conquistadors, written under my Juan Pablo Jalisco pseudonym. Having topped the rankings in the USA, UK and Canada, the book is available in paperback, as Amazon are promoting it and also in Kindle edition where it is under £2, and under $3 in the USA and also FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Written following my time in Mexico some years ago, you can find the book at
5.0 out of 5 stars A lovely collection of poetry.
By Dom on 2 February 2015
Format: Paperback
I'm no expert in poetry, yet the topic was catching enough for me to try the book. And, of course, since I love the stories of the old Aztecs and the greedy, religious beasts who conquered them, I could not resist to see what the poet had to say about them. I got it and I loved it. It takes a person of unique ability to delve into the deep depths, mundane joys and sad laments of an ancient culture declined. I was surprised how he could bring out so many different moods and feelings from my tired soul as I read about the swaying dancers, the unsuspecting hummingbirds, the lonely desert and the wintry trees, and I especially loved "a Personal Genesis," for it summed up the whole concept of a conquered race very well indeed. I'd guess the author is a deep thinker of advanced years, or someone who has had a lot of time to enjoy the fragrance of history and the dilemmas of human existence.
N Welburn 5.0 out of 5 stars An exquisite collection of achingly beautiful poetry
20 October 2014
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
This is an exquisite collection of achingly beautiful poetry. The rich and romantic fabric of the words transport you to Mexico, and you can almost smell, taste and feel the magic of this vibrant country. The varied poems range from Mexico's history, to heartbreaking love affairs and friendships forged, to the changing seasons of this special part of the world, and to memories that will last a lifetime. I found within the pages melancholy poetry which really spoke to me on a personal level. This amazing writer has a way of connecting with the reader, and I found his words to be deeply moving. His poetry evokes memories of heartbreak, loss, loneliness and despair, yet equally he is able to celebrate love, passion and human kindness. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, the poignant words will stay with you forever, and will leave an imprint on your soul for all-time. Wow, what an accomplished poet - a stunning selection of inspirational literature!!
'Of Aztecs and Conquistadors' is the definitive collection of Juan Pablo Jalisco's poetry. The selection featured within these pages will carry the reader on a journey not only through the vast beauty of the land that is Mexico, but also serves as a journey through the ages that have helped to shape this at times wild and rugged, but always romantic and awesomely beautiful country and its people.
Amazon #1 bestseller in Caribbean & Latin American Poetry
Amazon #1 bestseller in Native American Poetry

Saturday, 10 February 2018


As a result of winning the Moonlight and January Book Cover of the Month Contest, A Mersey Mariner receives a month's free promotion on their website and Diana Rubino, who nominated my cover, (thanks Diana) receives a $10 Amazon Gift voucher.

To see the book please go to


In some 'Pawsome' news,I'm delighted to announce that Sheba: From Hell to Happiness has won the Preditors & Editors Best Non Fiction Book Award for 2017. Voted for by readers around the world, this is a fantastic result, as just this time last year, Sasha's story won the same award. A VERY BIG THANKS TO ALL WHO VOTED FOR SHEBA.
See Sheba at
Available in Kindle and paperback edition, and also FREE on Kindle Unlimited.
5.0 out of 5 stars From hell to happiness..a true story.

By Amazon Customer on 10 January 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
In spite of the horrific and cruel start to life the tiny little pup had to endure because of her evil owners
this little sweetheart survived against all odds and has a life full of love and happiness thanks to Brian Porter and his family.. what wonderful, wonderful, people they are...thank goodness for people like that who dedicate their lives bringing love and happiness to so many beautiful innocent dogs..What a happy ever after story, made me cry buckets though reading what the poor little dog went through for the first few months of her life....When will the punishment fit the crime for all the dreadful people who so cruelly abuse, hurt and terrify animals for their own sadistic pleasure or monetary gain?

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


A MERSEY MARINER has been nominated for the monthly Moonlight and Mystery Cover Contest. I would appreciate any votes for the cover which is #12 on the list at 
Please vote by scrolling down the list of titles, click on A Mersey Mariner, and scroll down tot he bottom of the list and click on the 'Vote' button. That's all there is to it.and THANKYOU.

To obtain a copy of A Mersey Mariner, please go to


The aging cargo liner Alexandra Rose steams into the Mersey Estuary, enveloped in thick fog that delays her entry into the port of Liverpool. When one of the ship’s passengers is found dead in his cabin, a chain of events is set in motion that leads to one of Detective Inspector Andy Ross’s most baffling and complicated cases to date.

The first death is soon followed by another, and Ross discovers that his case has its roots in the depths of the Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil. A billionaire entrepreneur, passengers who may not be exactly who or what they say they are, a team of medical researchers and a team of vicious mercenaries combine to confound and complicate what begins as a simple death aboard a nondescript and insignificant ship.

Ross and his team from the Merseyside Police Specialist Murder Investigation team need all their skills in order to solve the case of the ‘Mersey Mariner.’