Thursday, 2 February 2017

New Blog, First Post

Hello and welcome. thought it was about time I caught up with the world and started one of these blog thingys. I'm Harry, a.k.a Brian L Porter, author and dog lover, and Sasha is my closest canine companion, Many people will know Sasha from my best selling book about her life, the award winning SASHA. My wife and I have ten wonderful rescuedogs at home and Sasha is a bit special, having survived hypothermia, two broken legs, skin allergies and lives with canine epilepsy, and still manages to be the happiest dog on the planet. When I'm writing my thrillers, she's constantly by my side, my nest friend and my 'assistant'. Here's the cover for her book and the recent award the book won. The book has picked up over 200 worldwide 5 star reviews on Amazon, has twice been a UK bestseller, as well as being a top ten bestseller in Canada, Australia and France.
If you love dogs, or if you just fancy a good read that won't take you forever and a day, take a look at Sasha at Sasha and please come back and see us again.
You'll also find us on facebook at Harry Porter
and at  Sasha the wagging tail of England
and  Harry, Sasha and Sheba's House of Canine Hope and Healthcare
If you'd like to explore my books in more detail please see The books of Brian L Porter at Amazon UK

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  1. this is great! welcome to the blogosphere! :) great post.