Friday, 15 December 2017


I was delighted to win the Christmas caption contest jointly sponsored by Penady Secrets and artist Mick John. These are the beautiful art prints produced by Mick which will soon be arriving at my door, on canvas. The picture of Sasha is taken from her 7th birthday photo, in a Textured Expressive Brushed Oil Paint Effect and the one of Honey is from one of the first photos I took when she first arrived two weeks ago and is in a Textured Oil Paint Effect.
Big thanks to Mick for his help and patience in helping me to select the best possible artistic finishes for my prize selections.

The two prize selections will soon be on their way to me, produced on canvas, ready to hang on the wall at home.

This was such a great surprise and I am over the moon to have actually won something not actually connected to my books.

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