Saturday, 4 March 2017


It's been a real week up ups and downs and I'm starting withe the down side as it affects my gorgeous Sasha. In the early hours of Friday morning, she had an epileptic seizure which was followed over the next twenty four hours by six more, a total of seven seizures! I spent most of Friday night downstairs in the lounge with her as she suffered three fits through the night.
Today, Saturday, I took her to see her vet. Blood tests were taken and we await the results of those, early next week. Meanwhile, her vet has increased the dose of her epiphen by an extra 60mg daily, pending the results of the blood tests and she is ona three day course of Keppra to try to help reduce the convulsions. Praying that the cluster of seizures is over now and that beautiful Sasha can return to normal life for a while.
Sasha's life story has also received some more fantastic reviews this week. She now has 84 consecutive UK 5 star reviews and a total approaching 220 worldwide. Here's the latest of her wonderful reviews, which is from UK author Richard Ankers...praise indeed!

on 2 March 2017
They say truth is stranger than fiction and in the case of this remarkable little dog, it is.
A refreshingly short and poignant tale of a dog, and her owners, who simply refused to give up, Sasha's tale will have you cringing one minute, cheering the next and even shedding a tear. Neither injury nor illness could stop her from wagging her tail with the sheer joy of love and life. I don't think they ever will.
A highly recommended read for both dog lovers and non-dog lovers alike.
Five Woofs! I mean stars.

Soon after this review was published on Amazon learned that Sasha's book had become a #1 bestseller in Australia, a wonderful achievement following on from twice being a UK bestseller.
What a wonderful achievement for my gorgeous little rescuedog.

See Sasha's book at Sasha
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Meanwhile, my new release Sheba: From Hell to Happiness has also been receiving some great reviews, every one of them 5 stars, in the UK, USA and in Australia and Canada too. Here's a sample of what readers think of Sheba which can be found at Sheba: From Hell to Happiness
on 3 March 2017
This book had me in floods of tears from the first page all the way through to the last .. from tears of sorrow through to tears of joy. After everything sheba went through in her early life she came through as the true fighter she is and is what makes me love the breed so much and as for her owners .. well they are truly angels in human form xx
There are many more and I hope you'll maybe give both Sasha and Sheba a read, if you haven't done so already. If you do, please be kind enough to leave us a short review on Amazon if you've enjoyed the book(s).
I hope the next week will be a good one for Sasha and for everyone out there. Thanks for taking a few minutes of your day to read this. See you again soon, i hope.

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