Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Look out for my latest release, which is coming soon from Creativia Publishing. I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to work together with U.S, author Diana Rubino on a unique venture that brings together her talents for writing historical and romantic fiction and my own expertise in creating mystery/thriller fiction. It should be something very special!
Sharing Hamilton
From Brian L Porter & Diana Rubino - A fantastic collaboration combining historical fiction and romance with the dark machinations of a serial killer in the early days of the USA.
Romance, deceit, blackmail, betrayal and murder are very much to the fore as historical novelist Diana Rubino and bestselling thriller author Brian L. Porter join forces to present a stunning fictional account of the U.S.A.’s first acknowledged sex-scandal, The Reynolds Affair. Ms. Rubino has taken the historical facts of the well-documented affair and added her own fictional twist, with Mr. Porter adding his unique touch, introducing a serial killer stalking the dark night-time streets of Philadelphia.
As Alexander Hamilton and Maria Reynolds conduct their nefarious relationship, behind closed doors, a supposed madman is on the streets attacking and killing the young innocent servants of the wealthy. British-born ‘doctor of women’s medicine,’ Dr. Severus Black, newly arrived from Paris, quickly becomes a close confidante of Hamilton’s wife Elizabeth, but could the debonair doctor also be hiding a closely guarded secret?
Together, U.S. award-winning author Diana Rubino and British award-winning author Brian L. Porter have created a tour de force that shouldn’t be missed.
Release date to be announced very soon!

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