Friday, 10 November 2017


My thanks go to author Nick Sweet for his great 5 star review of book three of my Mersey Mystery Series, A Mersey Maiden. Nick is currently unable to post his review on Amazon so has sent it to me, and he will add it there eventually

With A MERSEY MAIDEN, Brian Porter serves up an excellent police procedural. Porter is excellent on detail, as we see in his description of an autopsy, and the plot slowly rolls out in a way that only happens when it’s engineered by a skilful writer who’s in control of his materials. The style is also clear and eaaablesy to read. So far as the plot is concerned, gifted cricketer, Aaron Decker, who’s made the switch from baseball, which he played in his native America, is found dead in bed next to his girlfriend Sally Metcalf. Both have been drugged, but Sally comes round to find her boyfriend dead. Or at least, that’s her version of events, but she is nevertheless a suspect. The plot thickens when we learn that Aaron had been researching a project that Aegis Oceanographic, the company that is sponsoring his girlfriend Sally through university, is involved in. Did Aaron find something he shouldn’t have, and did the company then take the ultimate form of lethal action to prevent him from revealing this information? No spoilers here, but suffice to say Brian Porter has written a highly readable whodunnit here and that’s well worth 5 stars.
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A Mersey Maiden
A peaceful cricket match on a warm summer’s day turns to murder and mystery, as the star player Aaron Decker lies dead in his bed, his girlfriend sleeping soundly beside him.

The case takes on a new twist with links to the disappearance of a German U-Boat and a British warship in 1945. With the mysterious Aegis Institute hovering in the background of the investigation, D.I Andy Ross and his team find themselves in their most complex case to date.

With events in Britain, Germany, the U.S.A and a secret submarine base in Canada all involved, Ross and his team need to work together with international law enforcement agencies and a respected German historian to not only solve the murder of Aaron Decker, but the strange case of U3000's last voyage.

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