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A terrific article about my mystery thriller Glastonbury, on the Italian literary blog of CP Traduzioni, and written by the book's Italian translator Ilaria Igieni, who has kindly provided me with an English Translation of the original article which is available to view at cptraduzioni

Glastonbury, an English mystery with  an insistent rhythm

Imagine a pale moon night in the English countryside, five men moving across a marshy field to bury some mysterious lead-lined boxes.

Then imagine an historical town in Somerset, where the ghosts of Arthurian legends hover around, and an annoying rain that has been pouring for days, preventing the main characters from getting their job done; that is to say, digging around in the surrounding countryside searching for an ancient and legendary artifact.

You'll get chills ̶ not only because of the mists swirling around Glastonbury Tor...

An ancient secret lies in the shadows of Glastonbury Tor

These are the preconditions for an engaging mystery novel full of plot twists. After millionaire Malcolm Capshaw hires Joe Cutler and his team to search for a fabled artifact, they enter a maze of lies, murder and betrayal.

The real purpose of their search is soon exposed, as an old London crime family displays an unusual interest in an ancient town where Christianity laid its roots in England.

There, aided by the enigmatic Professor Lucius Doberman, Joe and his team must solve the mystery of Glastonbury before the sinister historian Walter Graves makes the discovery that could cost him and the whole team their lives.

A simple, enjoyable and surprising reading: the reviewers' opinions

Glastonbury, the mystery novel by bestseller author Brian L Porter, has been receiving some terrific reviews on Amazon.com from 2014 onwards; and this year even the Italian version has had its successful debut on Amazon.it.
One of the reviews says it's “a beautiful, engaging novel shrouded in mystey, […] with a vortex of surprises and plot twists which make this book a real page-turner.

A reader talk about it as “a simple but enjoyable book”; another one enthusiastically affirms that “the plot is amazing, rich in coups de théâtre, original and not at all predictable”, and then she adds that “the novel is a fluid and quite light reading, and therefore it's extremely pleasant”.

Translating Glastonbury in order to make “friends”

As the translator of Glastonbury, I can just say that I had the time of my life. Describing the magical places and atmospheres was an easy job, because when I was 16 years old I visited the town of Glastonbury,  the quivering curiosity typical of teens, and my head filled with myths and legends.

A suggestive picture of Glastonbury Tor. Font: http://gardenofmidnight.blogspot.it

The characters surely required the most accurate and contemplated work, especially attempting to convey the peculiarities of everyone's own style: Winston's slang and humour, Professor Lucius Doberman's flamboyant and refined speech (my favourite one!), the obscene language of the London underworld.

I almost feel like I once knew them all in person, as if they were my friends unfortunately just for a few months, and then they left me for new adventures.

You can find the Italian version of Glastonbury on Amazon (Kindle and paperback), Google Books, Mondadori and other important digital platforms.

Brian, Harry or Juan Pablo?

Brian L Porter is surely a versatile author: in fact he has written novels, poetry and children books under three different names.

As Juan Pablo Jalisco he composed the romantic poetry collection Of Aztecs and Conquistadors; as Harry Porter he wrote two children's books and a young adults/teens adventure story; and finally, many other works, such as novels, poetry and short stories, all carry the Brian L Porter name.

Brian L Porter and his 'Miracle Dog' Sasha

Among all his works, I always like to remember a particular one, which reveals the generous and refined spirit of its author: Sasha, a touching true story about one of the rescue dogs adopted by the Porters; winner of the Preditors & Editors Award in 2016 and a real “climber” of Amazon Top Tens in its category all around the world, Sasha tells about the life of an unfortunate female dog, who faces every adversity with an incredible strenght, a lust for life and her permanently wagging tail, which is already become her most distinctive feature. Well, a very good example for all of us.

Italian edition Glastonbury, Italian
English edition Glastonbury, English

Ilaria Igieni for CP Traduzioni

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