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Still on offer until Thursday 30th November at Sheba: From Hell to Happiness today received not one, but two terrific new reviews on Amazon UK. Currently nominated for the Top 50 Best Indie Books 2017, PLEASE vote for Sheba in the poll which closes on 4th December. Vote at by ticking the box next to the title, entering your name and email address and clicking on Submit. It's as simple as that.

Here are the new reviews:
5.0 out of 5 stars Sheba, rescued from Hell
By HZ on 26 November 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Sometimes, man’s cruelty never ceases to amaze me. Training dogs to fight for human ‘amusement’ is bad enough, but stealing and using people’s loved and innocent pets to use as bait in order to train the fighting dogs is much worse. Poor Sheba was one such dog, used and abused, starved, beaten and tied up to be attacked as ‘training’ for the fighters. Just how cruel can people get? Near death, this poor dog was thrown away like a piece of trash on a rubbish tip, a living skeleton, and left to die. Somehow she was found, rescued and despite being close to death the author and his wife made it their priority to save this little dog and return her to health and a happy life. How they did it is beautifully described in Mr. Porter’s book, in which he doesn’t seek to dodge the mistakes they made along the way in trying to rehabilitate a dog that had been so cruelly abused, which adds to the poignancy of this excellent book. Needless to say, ‘Project Sheba’ was a resounding success and ten years later, Sheba is still with the Porter family, a much loved and loving, family dog.
I recommend this book not only to dog lovers but to anyone who enjoys reading about the ability of man to overcome difficulties as the Porters did in loving and caring for this dog, who most people thought would be dead within weeks of them rescuing her. I defy anyone, man or woman, to read this book without feeling a lump in your throat or a tear in your eye. The photos in the book are a testament to the great job the family did in restoring Sheba to health and happiness. Long may she live and enjoy her life with Mr, Porter, his family and their wonderful pack of rescue dogs.
5.0 out of 5 stars Brian and Juliet you are a truly amazing people with very big hearts for the lengths you ...
By A. nezy on 26 November 2017Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
i have the pleasure of greeting Brian, and his gorgeous doggies every morning after my school run, i new the circumstances of most of his rescue pets but having read this i cried all the way through. Brian and Juliet you are a truly amazing people with very big hearts for the lengths you go through to help these poor animals. This book is a highly recommended read as to is his other book "Sasha to" see how far they have come from the start of their life to the present day is unbelievable . Well done Brian and Juliet, and bigs hugs to the pack.
Sheba is the sequel to Brian L Porter's award-winning bestseller, Sasha, and tells the story of rescue dog Sheba, Sasha’s best friend, starved, beaten and used as bait for the training of fighting dogs and then thrown on a rubbish tip and left to die, a barely living skeleton.
The author and his wife adopted this unfortunate waif and so began a long period of recuperation and training, as they gradually helped Sheba back to full health and helped her to learn to live sociably and happily within their pack of rescue dogs.
A story of real triumph over adversity, full of emotion and a fair amount of humor too, Sheba’s is a real-life tale of what can be achieved in rehabilitating a dog, having suffered a living hell, from the brink of death to a life full of happiness.

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